Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drink Drank Drunk

The Reno City Council never ceases to amaze us with their lack of foresight, gray matter and huevos. Take yesterday…

The RCC voted 4-2 in favor of the Spring Mountain Project. That’s the development north of town that’ll produce 12,000 new homes and bring 23,000 people to the area. WTF are these people thinking? With the economic crisis we’re in, no one is buying the houses that already exist, a lot of the folks who have bought houses are having trouble paying their mortgages and economists are predicting this shit-storm to last another three years. YIKES! Combine all that with the fact that the western USo’A is in the middle of the worst drought in a couple of thousand years and you have yourself one big fat hairy boondoggle. When they run for office, they say they have our best interests at heart. They lie.

At the same meeting, council members voted to delay new liquor licenses in the area for 90 days. Councilwoman Jessica “My Daddy Was the Mayor” Sferrazza said that people on Wells Avenue are concerned about all the new stores opening up that are selling booze and bongs. Councilman Dan “I Used to be A Celebrity” Gustin added that a number of “seedy bars” have opened on California Avenue and in Downtown Reno. Look guys…bars, by their very nature, are “seedy.” So are casinos, strip clubs and brothels. But this is the 775, we don’t live in friggin’ Utah. We love us our sinnin’ ways! In these tough economic times it makes no sense trying to limit ANY tax revenue. Besides, without sex, drugs, gambling and alcohol to divert our attention from our dismal existences we’d have nothing to do except wonder WhoTF put all those houses in the middle of our open spaces.


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mason9466 said...

Blame it on the Beer!!

Maybe by the time Spring Mountain is complete, the housing market will have rebounded, but given the current free-fall we're in, I can't see how this makes sense.