Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The nightmare is over! It was on the front page today. We're winning the war on crystal meth! YAY!That, according to top cops here in the 775.
Now we here at PTB never pass up an opportunity to celebrate but we thinks this proclamation is WAAAAAY too premature. Why? Because the “War on Drugs” cannot be won. You simply cannot win a war against an ideology. Think we’re crazy?
Are we winning the…

“War on Teen Pregnancy?” Nope. This is how we're fighting that battle.

The “War on Terrorism?” Not hardly.

How’s that “War on Poverty” going? See for yourself.

The “War on Obscenity?” Good luck with that one.

See what we mean? People in power, wanting to stay there, have a nasty habit of blowing smoke up our collective skirts. “Give ‘em the good news and hope they aren’t paying attention,” they say.

Crystal Meth is as easy to get today as it was ten years ago. It’ll be just as easy to get ten years from now. Arrests, treatments and incarcerations are down -- not because of education, awareness or locking up the cold meds -- they’re down because the bad guys are getting smarter. John Law can’t be everywhere.

We live in a consumer society, if there is a need for a product…someone will be out there to fill those needs.