Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Got the Heebie GBs

All I can say is, Thank God for Glenn Beck.” Y’all know Glenn, he’s the tighty-righty, tin foil hat wearin’, BSC motherhubbard host from Faux News. Today the Beckster said what a lot of Americans have known all along. President Barack Hussein Obama is…wait for it…wait for it… President Barack Hussein Obama is a RACIST! Aye caramba!
Thank you Glenn, for tellin’ it like it is. It’s bad enough that Barry-O was born in one of the freak states and hung out with howlies and islanders and other brown-skinded brotherhubbards while he was growin’ up. But GB has exposed the ‘Bamer for what he really is…Archie Bunker with a tan!
Finally, someone is out there protecting crackers against the hatred and hypocrisy and discrimination that has plagued the white man since the founding of this great nation! Whitey will not take this oppression from minorities or women or gays any longer! And Glenn Beck, right-wing nut job, is leading the way.