Tuesday, July 15, 2008

As the World Terms

The Republican revolution of 1994 brought a lot of crappy ideas to the forefront. Flag burning amendments, gay marriage amendments, tax cuts for the rich amendments. But another idea that came out of that conservative wave of icky-ness was term limits. Worst. Idea. Ever.

When we first heard about term limits we cried from the mountaintop, “NOOOO! We already HAVE term limits. It’s called your VOTE!” And the unwashed masses stared blankly back at us as if we were speaking a foreign language. They’d been told that term limits would break the back of old-time cronyism, get the fat-cats out of office and get some new blood in there. The people spoke and term limits passed.

Now it looks like a couple of buzz-kills are trying to hang on to the last vestiges of public life by suing to save their term-limited J.O.B.s. We know why they’re doing it…it’s just that we wish they’d come clean to us about why they’re doing it.

You see, they’ll tell you that Nevada will lose valuable experience and decades of political knowledge with the loss of term-limited legislators. They’ll tell you that they love Nevada and her people and that they only think of those needs. They’d say that to you…and they’d be lying.

See the recent state our State is in? They’re cuttin’ programs like a Mohel cuttin’ Bris. Who’s been in charge? The same folks who wanna stay in charge. Reality is, when you’re in the last years of a political career, you’re more likely to set yourself up with a future lobbying job than to do the people’s business. How do we know? They’re spending an awful lot of money defending a shitty-paying job. Now we don’t like mandatory term limits. But that’s what the election was for. The law’s the law. So pack your bags folks…and get the hell outta Dodge.