Thursday, March 13, 2008

There's a Reason Its the FIRST Amendment

It seems like the land of the free and the home of the brave is neither nowadays. We’re talking about the recent resignations of Geraldine “Black isn't Beautiful” Ferraro and Samantha “Monster” Power.

See, back in the day, the Soviets and the Nazis used to throw people in the gulag for opening their pie holes. China…same thing. Afghanistan, a country we’re fighting to give democracy and our bestest friends in the M.E., the Kingdom of SaudKILL people for things they say.

That’s why we love the USofA. Our free speech is a Constitutional right. You can say anything you want and not have to fear the Reaper. “Fire” in a crowded theatre? No Problem. “Theatre” in a crowded firehouse? Yummy! It’s called Freedom. Of. Speech. That is, until recently.

It seems we’ve become so P.C. that saying something deemed “offensive” gets people’s knickers in a twist. Is Hillary a monster? Probably not. Is BoB where he is today ‘cause he’s a brown-skinded brother? Nope. But should someone get perp-walked to the door for saying such things? No.

We don’t necessarily agree with what everyone says but we’ll defend to the DEATH their right to say it. They’re just words. Remember, “Sticks and stones...”