Monday, November 5, 2007


If you’ve visited this part of Cyberia more than once, you know how much we hate the Government-Cheese. But we here at PTB love NASA. Heck, most of us wanted to be astronauts ‘til we found out you needed to know math and science and stuff like that. Hell, we just wanted to bang alien hotties and bang the heads of alien baddies. Oh well...

So, it turns out that NASA did a study looking at all the bad crap that happens and almost happens with the airline companies of the good ole USofA and they won’t tell us what they found. NASA says that if they release their findings it would, “…undermine public confidence in the airline industry or hurt the industry's profits.”

THIS is why we hate the Government-Cheese. NASA spent eight-and-a-half MILLION of OUR dollars to find out that airline service and safety in America is worse than that of Djibouti and they don’t want us to know ‘cause we’d quit flying and the airlines would lose money.

Guess what numbnuts…we’ve already quit flying. Why?

Off with yer shoes
No lighters
No Muslims
No bomb jokes
No shampoo bottles
Drunk pilots
Eight hour runway delays
Never, Never, NEVER on time.

WTF do you think would happen if NASA did this with fast food chains? “We don’t want to tell you that we found butt hairs in the burgers and fingers in the chili ‘cause if we did you’d stop eating fast food and they’d lose money.” This is our government at work??? SHEESH!!!!

America...the greatest country in the world? Hardly.