Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Gulp

It’s good to see the Government-Cheese down in the 702 suffers from the same head-in-ass syndrome as they do here in the 775.

Today a hearing starts into plans to pump billions of gallons of water every year from the rural counties down to the perpetually-parched growth monster that is Las Vegas.

LaLa Land did it to the Owens Valley in the early 1900’s. We see how THAT turned out.

Those for the project say that, “The highest and best use of this water resource is in the Las Vegas Valley.” Those folks include casino executives, developers and union representatives. They’re playing the fear card when they warn of an economic downturn affecting the entire state unless ‘Vegas has enough water to keep growing. BOOGYBOOGYBOOGITY!!!

Opponents say, “There’s not enough water in the valleys for exportation without harming existing water users and the environment.” That side includes a group of ranchers and farmers opposed to the project, as well as local irrigation companies, a water board, the Sierra Club, Nevada Cattlemen’s Association and White Pine County.

We say…Las Vegas is located in the DESERT! It’s called a desert for a reason. But if you think for one instant ANYONE gives a fig about a bunch of Lincoln & White Pine County sodbusters, left-wing tree huggers and anti growth activists…you’d be wrong.

We’re betting the casinos and the developers and the unions are gonna get every drop of water they ask for. Then, they’ll take every penny they can from the government-cheese, you and me. After all, they’ve gotta make money somehow.