Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Irate Pirate

Well, it looks like Captain Steubing has finally grabbed a clue and found a way to foil those pesky pirates off the coast of Somalia. Sunday in the Gulf of Aden, a couple of skiffs loaded with bad guys started shooting at the M/S Nautica. So what’d the captain do? He put the pedal to the metal and dusted the rat-bastards. SEE YA! Hey, why didn’t anyone think of that before?

Here at PTB we love the fact that cruise lines aren’t taking anymore crap from these
Blackbeards. We just wish they’d take it farther. Next time a boatload of pirates rolls up on a cruise ship, why not let the passengers get in on the action with a hundred or so skeet rifles? Better yet, cruise ships could carry a couple dozen WWII era depth charges. You know, those bad-assed, 55 gallon barrel looking things? You can bet a lot of those bourgie passengers would pay top scratch to get to catapult a couple of those babies at a skiff full of pirates.