Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia on My Mind

Turns out the Big Bad Bear isn’t dead after all. Russia is puttin’ a beatdown on their little runaway -- Georgia. Most Americans hear that sorta news and wonder how that’ll affect the upcoming SEC football season. That’s the wrong Georgia guys. ANYWAY…

So the Russians are kickin’ a little ass and the tighty-righties have their knickers all in a bunch. pResident Bush says that Russia is using unacceptably harsh force in the situation. Funny, we said the same thing to the Bush-Wipe about Iraq and we were called traitors. But what lame duck chimp-dick says really doesn’t affect anyone anymore. What we’re worried about is skeevy John McSame.

Yup…old Uncle Fester is saber rattling. He yaps that Georgia is one of our BFF’s and that we’ll stick our wieners in the blender to help ‘em out. No mention of how broken our armed forces are ‘cause of Iraq and Afghanistan. Nope…just threats of violence. Here’s the crux of our biscuit today:

Does anyone wonder why Senator McLame is so hell-bent on stickin’ it to the Russkies? We don’t wonder ‘cause we know. Ever heard of Randy Scheunemann? We have. Ya see, Scheunemann is one of those neocons who’s job was to get us into a war with Iraq. Good work Randy. For almost four years, Schheunemann was the only Washington lobbyist working for the country of Georgia. Today Scheunemann is a senior foreign affairs advisor to…you guessed it…Senator John McCain. If that isn’t the stinkiest, steaming piece of horse-cadoodle…we don't know what is. You wonder why we hate politicians? Perfect. Example.