Monday, June 2, 2008

DANGER: Politician Crossing

Way back in the Stone Age (1994 to be exact) a tsunami of conservatism swept quite a few righties into positions of power. It’s called the Republican Revolution. Among those who rode the wave were notables such as Bill Frist, Nevada’s own John Ensign and WPE GWB. Leading up to the ’94 elections the right-wing jihadists used a very clever visual aid. After all, Americans are so stupid, without a cheat sheet most of y’all wouldn’t know which hole to pee out of. The prop we’re talkin’ ‘bout, of course, was the Contract With America.

Analogous to a sixth grader running for class president and promising less homework, longer recesses and better cafeteria food, the Contract With America included all sorts of go-nowhere ideas. Thinking they were smarter than Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson republicans wanted a Constitutional Amendment to ban flag burning. After all, at the time, flag burning hippies were ruining America.

Thinking they were smarter than John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, republicans wanted a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage. After all, why should homos get to enjoy all the perks of marriage (and divorce) when the Bible says marriage (and divorce) is only for heterosexuals?

Thinking they were smarter than George Washington and Gouverneur Morris, republicans wanted a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget. After all, everyone knows you can’t live outside your means and countries that run on deficits are fiscally irresponsible.

We knew at the time the CWA was nothing but smoke and mirrors. It was a pathetic circus trick designed to get republicans elected. It worked. Problem is, only one thing in the CWA actually got passed was term limits. Horrible. Idea.

We said it back then and we’ll say it now…America already HAD term limits…it was called the VOTE! Don’t like the guy? Vote him the hell out. We didn’t need a law that takes the vote away from the people. Alas…it passed and the right-wing jihadists were ecstatic. The operative word there is “WERE.” Now, it seems the very same politicians who were all droppin’ trow to hook up with the CWA are coming out against term limits. Seems the skeevers just wanna save their jobs. Here’s the crux of our biscuit:

Nevadan’s voted twice to enact term limit laws. So serve your time, get the hell outta Dodge and let someone else rattle around the halls of government. You wanna get rid of term limits? Let the people decide. Put it to another vote. But next time, leave your visual aids at home.