Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Falling Down the Mind Shaft

Straight up and simple on this one…If you own a domesticated horse and you can’t afford to keep it so you "let it run free" out in the wild…you should never be allowed to own an animal for the rest of your life. Not even a goldfish. Next thing you know the BSC motherhubbards are droppin’ their pet snakes down the commode. YIKES!

Ausaf Umar Siddiqui, a Vice President at Fry’s, stole 65 million dollars and blamed it on his gambling habit. Up yours douchebag. No one twisted your arm to go into the high roller sections of bourgie casinos. No one had to beg you to hole up in the Emperor’s Suite. Sorry Ausaf, this one is all on you. The good news is, after you serve your sentence you can start working on your restitution…by working at Fry’s. There’s a spot in the shipping/receiving department that has your name written all over it.

Another reason Cali can go to H.E. double toothpicks? We hear tell that the Golden State…wait for it…wait for it…could be flat-broke in two months! Nice job Governator. Yo Cali…you’re the motherhubbards that elected a steroid-abusing jock-strap who’s legislative resume’ highlight was Kindergarten Cop. Y’all get everything you deserve.

The headline read, "Downtown Reno condo project shrinks." The sound of that shrinkage is the collective ball sack of the 775 in the realization that they’ve elected a bunch of hacks who continue selling the future of the region down the river. That is, unless the water table shrinks any more…then there might not even be a river... There is no drought…there is no drought…there is no drought. Rinse. Repeat.