Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Company You Keep

There’s no better way to score with chicks than to have a cute puppy with you. We’ve tried it and it works. Believe it…if it works for us, it’ll work for ANYONE! The ladies just can’t resist a fuzzy li’l pooch.

The move is used all over the world. Heck, it’s even spread to Saudi Arabia…go figure. Alas, it’s not to last. The Saudi religious police heard about the practice of “Get a pooch, get a smooch” and now they’re banning the sale of cats and dogs! WTF is up with that?

It’s bad enough to have to live in the SA. It’s as smooth as Mitt Romney’s hair, it's hotter than hell and there’s nothing to do but pray and/or go to church. Now the buzzkills-that-be are outlawing man’s best friend. SHEESH! It’s a wonder anyone ever hooks up in the SA. The saddest part is, the Saudis are Chimp-Dick’s bestest buddies. Heck, King Abdullah and G-Dub are practically goin’ steady. WPE whines all the time about the human rights record of countries like Iran, China and Russia while his Saudi friends treat their citizens worse than anyone. It's bad enough that Saudi Aribia treats its women like's bad enough that Saudi teens can't listen to rock & roll music...but to ban people from owning cats and dogs? Unacceptable.