Friday, June 20, 2008

Pump & Go

Boy howdy...this is why we love livin' in the 775. 'Round these parts there's a lot of empty space. Heck, here in the NV, we measure driving distances in hours not miles. Now, it's turnin' out that the jacked-up price of petrol is not only keeping people closer to home, it's also killing business in our beloved "dens of iniquity." Hard to pay good scratch for a dip in the patch when it costs more to drive there than getting the actual deed.
So, to keep business movin' along, the Shady Lady is guessed it...gas cards with every piece of 'tang! AWESOME! This is the kind of business acumen and can-do attitude that makes Silver Staters the baddest motherhubbards on the planet.
Lady of the night
fill her up...then fill 'er up
Gas for ass. It's true.