Friday, July 25, 2008

No Shows

We don't really care what the City of Sparks does about its flood problems...we're just glad they're trying to fix the situation. After all, we live in the high desert and when the poop hits the prop, things go south in a hurry.

Earlier this week the Sparks City Council voted on stage two of their flood plan. It didn't pass. WTF is the big deal you say? The reason the measure failed was because three votes were needed for passage and only three council members were present for the vote.

There are only five members of the Sparks City Council. That means 40% of the council missed the meeting. This is a perfect example of why we hate the Government-Cheese. Councilmen Ron Smith and John Mayer were elected to serve their community and they shirked their responsibilities. They were MIA.

The crux of our biscuit is simple...if you're an elected official, the only excuse for missing a vote is if you're dead. Councilmen Smith and Mayer are quite alive we're sure...but if they keep up this type of behavior, they'll be missing a lot of votes. That's 'cause they won't get re-elected.