Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby

“No one knew what to expect when the Iraq war began March 19, 2003.” That, from the front page of today’s RGJ. We don’t mean to harsh the Gaz’s mellow but PTB saw this clusterfuck coming a mile away and we’re dumber than a bag of Skittles! We shouted from the rooftops, we argued and we sounded the alarms. What did we get in response? We were called Frog-lovers. We were called pacifists. We were called traitors. Funny, we haven’t heard from those folks lately. Guess it’s pretty hard to talk with a mouth full of crow. But we weren’t the only ones who knew.

Bush-Wipe knew. Rummy knew. Colin-Blow knew. Dick knew. Brown Rice knew. Halliburton knew. KBR knew. War-profiteers and hatemongers all.

So, it’s five years down the line. What’s changed? Did we find WMD’s? No. Did we give the Iraqi people democracy? No. Have we quelled the insurgency? No. Are Iraqis better off now than they were five years ago? No. Is the M.E. more stable now? No. Is America safer now? No. The list is as endless as this war.

What’s changed? Four thousand brave American soldiers – DEAD. More than a half million Iraqi civilians – DEAD. Gas is three dollars a gallon. Oil is $110 a barrel. OBL is still on the loose and neither the pResident or any of his wannabe successors mention his name anymore. Hell, crazy Uncle McFester wants us to stay in the Bag for a hundred more years. SHEESH!

No folks, this war is wrong. It’s just as wrong now as it was five years ago. When our kids look back at this dark chapter in American history they’ll see the beginning of the end. We were the greatest nation in the world once. That was before the Iraq war. How far the mighty have fallen. You might not have seen it coming but we did.