Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Page 3A

There are a few reasons we stay subscribed to the RGJ’s dead tree edition but this has got to be the best…

Yesterday, we got three pages into the first section when…BAM!...the trippy news hit us smack dab in between the eyes…

The guy that got paid to fly GJG around got demoted. Why? He flew the Gov. from Carson City to ‘Vegas on low fuel and let his 14-year-old son fly the plane. YIKES! We think the demotion is unwarranted. Why? First of all, the pilot wouldn’t have boarded the plane if he thought there wasn’t enough gas to get down to the 702…so that point is moot. Secondly, here at PTB we’re all for dads getting their sons involved in their careers. That’s how we learned to counterfeit money and then how to make license plates. If dad the pilot thought little Jimmy was on it enough to get behind the wheel, that’d be fine with us. After all, how many 14-year-olds lied about their age and joined up in WWII? Lots. And they kicked ass!

Judge Elizabeth Halverson is now ex-judge Halverson. The NV Commission on Judicial Discipline axed her from the bench and barred her from holding a judgeship ever again citing a “…dismal professional history.” Question: Here’s a picture of Her Honor…did removing her from the bench happen to involve a crane? We don’t usually like to rag on people’s appearance but JZeus-firggin’-Christola…that woman’s ass is so big it has its own gravitational field!

One of our old bosses, Jim Rogers, wants a federal grant of $3 billion to get the state’s universities through the current budget hoo-haw. Funny…no one wants higher taxes or government bailouts…unless it’ll help them directly. Wasn’t socialism bandied about during the presidential campaign as a “dirty” word? Yup.

And finally…some political chowderhead from down in the 702 wants all public school kids in the Silver State to wear uniforms. Senator Bob Coffin says that discipline is a problem in the schools and that kids “flaunt their appearance as a sign of disobedience.” No duh gramps. Hey Senator Bob…kids have always cheezed-off their elders with their clothing choices. It’s been that way since kids started wearing clothes way back in the Stone Age. If you think kids are showing you signs of disobedience with their choice of outfits…you should see how they show their disobedience with their hands!