Tuesday, February 10, 2009


After years of denials, guess it isn’t too shocking that A-Fraud copped to ‘roidin’. Come to think of it, every MLBer from the late ‘80’s was probably juicin’. Are you listening Cal Ripken Jr.? You’d better get out there and CYA ‘cause Miggy T. got busted today and later this month it’ll be Barry’s turn at the Gray Bar Motel. YIKES!

The scary thing about all this is that Jose Freakin’ Canseco has been right all the time. Aye Caramba! But he with the tiny testicles and pretty man-boobs says that players shouldn’t be the only ones getting’ busted ‘cause the union, the owners and the commissioner were all aware of baseball’s dirty little secret. That got us to thinkin’…Who was the owner of the Texas Rangers when Canseco was a juiced-up member of the team? George W. Bush. Figures. It’s only a crime if other players do it. If your players do it…they were just trying to keep up with the Joneses…or in this case, the Cansecos. Just like Chimp-Dick’s “Struggle Against Global Extremism”…When the other guys kill civilians, it’s called terrorism. When we kill civilians, it’s called collateral damage. That is some fucked up logic right there.