Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lyin'-Ass Bitches

Everybody knows that Slick Willie lied about a hummer. The cost to Americans – more than ten million dollars.

A less tangible but more devastating cost to America was the time, effort and resources wasted on digging up blue dresses, splooge stains and other dirt rather than concentrating on the economy, education, healthcare or being on the lookout for the bad guys. The result? 9/11. Thank you Republican Congress.

But it all pales in comparison to the lies told by Chimp-Dick and his traitorous cronies. Why?

The lies perpetrated by the Bush-Wipes have cost a boatload of money. But, as one of the brothers always said, “If you can throw money at a problem, then it isn’t really a problem.”

No, the most devastating cost to America is the loss of international respect, the loss of civil liberties and most of all the loss of heroic American soldiers who died fighting for lies, lies and more damned lies.

If one lie gets Congress’ panties all in a bunch, this latest revelation should have them all skidmarking their power ties. The time to impeach these un-American, traitorous, lying, sonofabitches is NOW!

As for you Mr. pResident -- we’d better not catch you here in the 775…we’ll drag you off by the ear and give you a broomstick enema or as we like to call it, the "Rudy in your Booty."