Monday, January 14, 2008

No End In Sight

Two of America’s bravest

Two of Nevada’s finest

Dead for no good reason.

The terrorists aren’t in Iraq or Afghanistan. Those two countries had nothing to do with 9/11. No, the terrorists are raised in Egypt, financed in Saudi Arabia and trained in Pakistan, three of our closest, bestest allies in the region.

Meanwhile the Pretender-In-Chief visits the Middle East in an effort to promote peace between Palestinians and Israelis. You’d think the WPE would be trying to get American asses out of the suck before sticking his two cents in where it doesn’t belong.

Alas, the Bush-wipes have no intention of ending this war. They make too much money from it.

We want our soldiers home. We want our country back. And we demand the perpetrators of this clusterfuck brought to justice. If Congress can impeach slick Willie for an Oval Office hummer, then the warmongers in the Bush Administration should all be sent to Gitmo and be given the electro-testicle treatment. They deserve it for getting us into this mess.

As for the hate-filled, warmongering, right-wing Bush-wipes here in the 775...don't let us catch you alone in a dark alley...we'll go Lynndie England on your sorry-asses!