Monday, June 11, 2007

Luuuuke....Use The Force

WOO HOO!!! We don't get many blue-chippers here in the 775 and when we do, it's almost impossible to keep 'em. Not this time. Studlier-than-thou power forward Luke Babbitt nixed his verbal to OSU and decided to play for the Silver and Blue. Don't think it's important? Don't really care? Check this...with Cool Hand Luke plying his trade at THE U of can add a couple o' million more dollars flowin' into campus coffers and maybe even a couple of more NCAA Tournament wins. Major coup for Fox & Friends.'s a great day to be among the Wolf Pack faithful!

Drowning on Dry Land

The newest waste...the "Western Regional Water Commission." They're tasked with managing our water supplies and search for new sources. Hey's a newsflash -- manage the growth of the state's population and you won't NEED to find more water. Or is that just too simple of an answer for the government cheese?