Thursday, August 28, 2008

clASS Warfare

Is the Nevada’s criminal justice system fair to the little guys? Does Nevada’s criminal justice system give preferential treatment to “big fish?” Check it…

Two blue-haired card dealers were arrested over the weekend. One was busted for placing a losing bet he had a stake in as a tip on a winning hand. Total cost of the theft? Nine dollars. The other dealer was accused of adding chips to his rack during a poker tournament. Total loss? ‘Bout twenty bucks. If convicted, the two face one to eight years in the calaboose. Pretty stiff time for $28.

Then there’s Jason McLean. This rat-bastard was convicted of embezzling almost $10,000 from a dead woman’s trust. He was accused of stealing more than $16,000 from a total of three trusts. McLean copped a plea and got…wait for it…wait for it….he got 120 days and PROBATION! So, who is Jason McLean? He’s the former public administrator of Lyon County. That’s right, a public servant, a politician, a big fish from a small pond.

So, the crux of today’s biscuit is simple. If you’re in the 775 and Reno-911 rolls up, you’d better hope you’ve got some juice pachuco. If not, be prepared to spend some time in little Gitmo.