Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sloppy Seconds

It looks like the powers that be wanna get another shot (pun intended) at the University of Houston. After the Cougars handed us our asses the other day, we're not sure this is a good idea.

Playing another game against a mid-major team that didn't make the NCAA Tournament is like getting a divorce, going out to the Bunny Ranch and hooking up with your ex-wife. Been there, done that.

Yo Wolf Pack Hoops...more games against teams who actually made the Big Dance and fewer games against the scrubs.


Stack 'Em All...Let God Sort 'Em Out

Anyone remember Lynndie England? Anyone? Bueller? Well, here at PTB our memories are longer than John Holmes’ woody…we remember.

Pfc. England is the moon-faced cherub who gets off stackin’ men “Giza” style. Yeah, she likes her some nude Twister -- tokin’ on a ciggy, pointin’ and smirkin that BSC little smirk of hers. She’s the kind of pervert that tiddles her thingy at night while fantasizing about abusing “towelheads.”
Just when you thought Pfc.E’s fifteen minutes had come and gone she’s back. Earlier this week she was coppin’ a ‘tude when she told a German newspaper that, “…what we did happens in war. It just isn't documented,".”

She’s got a point there but that kind of stuff should never happen at the hands of an American soldier. That might be how the Nazis rolled or how the commies rolled or how WWII Japan rolled but that’s not how we roll. That’s why you were a guest of the government at the Gray Bar Motel.

She went on to blame the media for the shit-storm, “…I felt pissed off,” she said. “If the media hadn't exposed the pictures to that extent, then thousands of lives would have been saved. If it had been broken by the news without the pictures it wouldn't have been that big." Talk about killing the messenger.
So, in her twisted logic, if the network news wouldn’t have showed the towers coming down on 9/11, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal. Talk about a tree falling in the forest…SHEESH!

Listen up you bass-ackward, uneducated, redneck…what you did (and what we’re STILL doing) to those prisoners in Abu Ghraib is torture, it is un-American and it is wrong (Are you listening Bush-Wipes?). The media did what the media is supposed to do – report the story. None of this happened because of the media. It happened because you and your cronies are immature, skeevy, abusive, power-trippin’, sadists. That’s the kind of behavior that pisses off the bad guys!

Look, you can nude pyramid all you like in the privacy of your own whatever. But when you’re wearin’ the uniform of the United States Army, your reprehensible conduct should be dealt with harshly. Like strippin’ YOU nude and stackin’ y’all in a pile. We’d pay to see that.