Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dirty Sanchez

We don’t hate him ‘cause he’s a pompous ass, a metrosexual, a Bush-wipe or even that he’s possibly Larry Craig’s stall mate. But every time Skeevy Dean Heller opens his pie-hole we wanna start raging against the machine.

This time, Hell-Bent is pushing legislation for “English only” ballots. He said the government "does too much to cater to people who speak a different language.” He goes on to say that, “If you're going to be successful in this country, the key to that is being able to speak the language."

Here’s the crux of our biscuit: We all know Skeevy-D is an uber-conservative nut case who’d rather lick the sweat off of Karl Rove’s nutsack than just about anything else. But his right-wing extremist philosophy of divisiveness is what’s killing America. We say it here at PTB all the time....our diversity is what makes America the greatest country in the world. We get it Hellboy…you’re afraid of everyone that doesn’t look like you, you’re afraid of everyone that doesn’t sound like you and you’re afraid of everyone who doesn’t think like you. Shoot-fire…just thinking of us here at PTB probably makes him skidmark his Underoos.

Get this CDH…quit waggin’ the dog with yer “English only” ballots, yer flag pins, yer marriage saving amendments and yer BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY drivel about brown-skinded brothers. DO YOUR FUCKIN’ JOB and go find OBL, balance the friggin’ budget and protect the rights of Nevadan’s…ALL Nevadan’s.

One last take…Hell-O-Shitty’s bill would make an exception for language assistance for those with Native American and Alaska Native dialects. He says, "They were here first." No shit, Captain Obvious. Problem is…folks with Mexican dialects (and skin color) were here before whitey too. Whadda you say 'bout THAT?