Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Free at last… Free at last…Great googly moogly… Free at last!

Man…we never thought we’d see this day. Finally, a brown-skinded brother as president of the United States. YEEHAW! Guess they’re gonna have to change the name of the White House, neh?

Just a couple of quick thought burbles from today’s Inauguration…

During the ‘Bamer’s speech, every time he mentioned the brightness of our future or the tough job ahead of all of us or how America is ready to lead the world again, the T.V. cameras got a shot of WPE and he looked like the before shots in a hemorrhoid commercial. Priceless! Hey, chimp-dick…we sure hope it’s the last we see of your sorry ass. If you ever set foot in the 775, we’re gonna get a big‘un to break his foot off in your John Brown hind-pot. That’s a promise.

Finally…WTF is the deal with having the inauguration on a Tuesday? Did the former Prime Minister of Australia have all the ballrooms booked over the weekend? SHEESH! Have you ever tried to get an inauguration booty call on a Tuesday? Impossible. Actually, now that pResident GWB is His-To-Ry…nothing seems impossible. See you tonight at the ball.