Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Thoughts of WTF

A.I.G.’s Chairman told Congress yesterday that the millions of dollars in bonuses the company gave out to the executives who ran the company into the toilet are, “Distasteful.” Funny he uses that term. Foie gras, brie and caviar taste like doodleberries too but we’ll bet those rich motherhubbards don’t give up that crap either.

Here at PTB we’re big fans of the World Baseball Classic. Think about it: Instead of Los Angeles against New York or Pittsburgh against San Francisco, it’s the USo’A against the whole friggin’ world. How cool is that? Problem is, not everyone is psyched to kick the rest of the world’s collective baseball asses. That’s why we’re putting out a fatwa on the manager of Team USA -- Davey Johnson. The other day Johnson was quoted as saying that if enough American players got hurt in the tournament, he’d forfeit the game. WTF? America invented the friggin’ game of friggin' baseball! Besides, there’s nothing more important to an athlete than representing their country in an international tournament. Forfeit? FORFEIT? Hey Davey…if you’re not in it to win it…get to steppin’ cracker. What team do you think you’re managing…France?

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’ve tried the sleep diet, we’ve got news for you…sleeping will NOT make you lose weight. If you believe that dropping some “Z’s” will help you drop the lbs….you’ve got more of a problem than your weight…you’ve got a problem with your brain pan.

The other night the Nevada men’s basketball team hosted UTEP in a CBI (Coulda Been In) Tournament game. Attendance at the 12,000 seat Lawlor Events Center? Three thousand and change. Aye Caramba! If the college basketball team, who’s been in town for more than a hundred years, can’t get more than 3,000 fans into a friggin’ POSTSEASON TOURNAMENT GAME…how do you think attendance is gonna be for a brand spankin’ new AAA baseball team on a frosty April night? Fasten your seatbelts folks…the sounds of the forest are gonna be overwhelming.

And finally, today is the start of March Madness. You know, the tournament that Nevada USED to get in to on a regular basis. Anyway…it’s estimated that employers will lose more than $3.8 billion because workers are online checking their pools. Listen, if you’re spending work time checking whether or not UCLA is beating the North Carolina School of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, or how the Morris Brown College v. Atlanta A&T tilt is going, GET BACK TO WORK! The only person in the country getting paid to predict college basketball games is Dicky V. As for the rest of us…we’ve gotta get our noses back to the grindstone. How else is the government-cheese gonna get the tax money to bail out AIG again?