Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Tall

Here at PTB there’s nothing that chaps our collective asses more than the hypocrisy of politicians. Last night’s Republican National Convention was a shining example of why we constantly sport pink cheeks. A couple of things stuck out…

With all their talk about the USo’A bein’ the greatest country in the world and the diversity of its people…notice how there’s a dearth of brown-skinded brothers and sisters at the RNC? That place is filled with so much white it looks like a huge bowl of Uncle Ben’s rice. SHEESH…there are so many crackers in StP, it looks like a Saltine factory exploded. Hey re-flub-licans…whitey isn’t the only one livin’ in America. Guess they think “diversity” is the place you play college sports.

Smokin’ hot VPILF Sarah Palin gave a barn-burner of a speech last night and afterward Delaware's own JoeyB said that her family should be “of limits” to the media. Nice try bub. Ya see, Palin believes JZeus is head honcho and people should do WTF he says or risk eternal damnation. We’re kewl with ED but we’ve gotta ask…”Yo VPILF…how’s that religion-based abstinence program for teens goin’? See, Palin doesn’t believe in sex education, condoms or the pill. She thinks prayer’s gonna keep the li’l ones from goin’ carnal and gettin' preggers. Guess what? It. Doesn’t. Work.

Lastly…and we ask this often…if Sarah Palin is truly a Christian woman, full of Christian values, livin’ and lovin’ the words of JZeus, how the hell can she support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? In other words, who would JZeus blow up? The answer is NOBODY! She may be a conservative, she may SAY she loves JZeus…but NO WAY is Sarah Palin a Christian. Don’t believe? Just read Matthew 25: 35-40. Or better yet…read the sixth commandment. Damned hypocrite.