Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jail Broke

Yeah, yeah…we know money is tight, but this state budget crisis is BSC. Have you heard the latest great idea to come out of Carson City? They wanna close down several prisons to save money. WTF is up with that? Whatever happened to Nevada’s overcrowded prison population? Are they gonna let a bunch of crazy motherhubbards out on the streets to save a few bucks?

State prisons chief Howard Skolnik says that inmates could be absorbed at other prisons. Hmmm. That’ll surely solve the problem Howie! Question: Why build a new prison down in the 702 (projected completion date 2010) instead of keeping the ones here in the 775 open?

Funny, when the Government-Cheese runs out of money they immediately start cutting back on stuff like education, public safety and help for the poor. Here’s a solution GJG: Why don’t we cut the position of Governor to save money? It’s not like the one we have now is worth anything. Heck, we could even rent out the Governor’s mansion for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and weddings so we can put a few more dead presidents in state coffers. Whadda ya think?