Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Guv Love

Well, he’s doin’ it. Governor Jim “I Did Not Text That Woman” Gibbons has decided to go for it and sue the Feds over the new healthcare bill. GJG says the bill is unconstitutional. I know what you’re saying…”Jim Gibbons has read the Constitution?” Probably not…but he’s goin’ through with it anyway. This, even after Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto said she wouldn’t file suit. Here’s my problem with all this…

Since a lawsuit against the Feds won’t work, I figure Jimmy-Wiggles is just doin’ this to show off his Teabagger bona fides. After all, he’s running for reelection and he’s about as popular right now as redundant root canal surgery. That being said, he needs the Teabaggers a lot more than they need him. But what really chaps my ass is the fact that he’s using State money to pursue a purely political venture that doesn’t help the state of Nevada in any way. Yo Guv…you’ve wasted three years of taxpayer money by taking a salary. When you were supposed to be workin’, you were letting your little head think for your big head. Now, in the middle of our state’s financial clusterfuck, you’re gonna spend our tax money on this boondoggle. Aye caramba! No worries Jim…you’ll be out on your ass soon enough. Problem is…today wouldn’t be soon enough. True dat!