Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Red Dawn

Becky Hammon is your typical gym rat. From her youth in North Dakota through her playing days at Colorado State and on to the WNBA…Hammon has been a hardcore baller. She’s pretty good too. Last year (her fifth in the WNBA) Hammon finished second in voting for the league’s MVP. That’s some pretty sweet cred.

When the powers that be invited players to try out for the U.S. Olympic team, Big Shot Becky’s name wasn’t on the list. No problem there. Ya see, Hammon plays professionally in both Russia and the Good Ole USofA. So, Big Red stepped in and offered Hammon a spot on their Olympic team. She accepted. Now it’s become some kind of political shit-storm. Hammon is being called un-patriotic and even worse…a traitor. Wrong.

The United States Olympic team has been using foreign talent forever. What, you think those brown-skinded brothers on our long distance teams with names like Mohammed, Kahlil and Mbute are natural born citizens? Nope. They get a fast track to citizenship by the USOC and just like that, they’re U.S. Olympians.

Hammon has dual Russian-U.S. citizenship. Her country didn’t want her and just like any other red, white and blue-blooded American…she went where the opportunity was. Mother Russia. Traitor? No. Baller? Hell yeah!

We crux our biscuit in haiku:

Is she a traitor
for playing with the Russkies?
Let the games begin!