Friday, May 2, 2008

Friends, Family and Fools

We just wanna hit one more point about Reverend Jeremiah Wright and then we'll let you get on with your weekend.

The ‘Bamer is getting pressure to renounce, denounce and bounce RJW because of the Rev’s controversial views. But here’s our thought…doesn’t EVERYONE have a crazy friend or relative who spouts weird stuff? We sure do.

Our pResident says the economy is only going through a bumpy time. Isn’t that one of the craziest things you’ve ever heard?

We’ve got a Senator who doesn’t believe in evolution but believes in intelligent design! WTF is HE thinkin’? Darwin and scientists for the last hundred years are wrong and the Invisible Man in the Sky is the seven-day-creator of everything. That sure sounds a lot crazier than anything RJW ever said.

Hell, we’ve even got folks in our bloodline who think Elvis is still alive, that aliens exist and that the NFL conspired to have the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl (y’all see how THAT turned out).

We’re just sayin’ we all have people in our lives who say (and do) stupid things…we say some pretty stupid things ourselves. But in America, saying stupid things isn’t a crime. Blowing the whole thing out of proportion isn’t either…but it should be.