Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playing Politics

It was 1979 and the Soviet Union was getting’ pounded by a bunch of bass-ackward, poppy-farmin’, opium tokin’, Mujahideen. Yup…’79 was the year OBL got all his money and all his weapons from Uncle Sam so he could fight the good fight against the Godless Commies.

The President at the time was Jimmy Carter. Before Chimp-Dick showed up, Carter was considered the worst President ever. Why? Because Peanut Head thought a good way to dissuade the Soviet Union from fighting in Afghanistan was to boycott the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Worst. Idea. Ever.

Sixty-two countries and regions stayed home that year. Hundreds of athletes lost lifetimes of work and sacrifice and sweat ‘cause Shit-For-Brains wanted to flex a little muscle. It didn’t work. The USSR stayed in Afghanistan for ten more years. Then they tucked their tails between their legs and lurped home. The only people hurt by the 1980 boycott were the athletes. They paid a high price for a massive political blunder.

Now, we’re hearing rumblings about a boycott of this year’s Olympics in Beijing. WTF is up with that? Does anyone even remember 1980? Does some politician with head-in-ass disease think that a boycott will change the way China does business? It won’t.

There’s no place in the Olympics for politics…just ask Adolph Hitler. The sight of that rat-bastard skid-marking his Underoos while watching Jesse Owens kick the living snot out of the “master race” was priceless. The Furher thought he could use his athletes to further his political cause. All he did was show the world how wrong he was.