Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fox Trot

Last week Nevada hoops fans dodged a bullet when Cal hired Mike Montgomery as their new head coach.

But the bullets are still flying. Former Pack head coach Trent Johnson is leaving Stanford and is headed off to coach the Bayou Bengals. You know what that means?
Mark Fox is outta here faster than a Metamucil milkshake goes through John McCain.

Guess that's two asses getting hit with the exit doors out the 775.

We'll lay 2-1 odds that coach Fox is headed west by the end of the month. Hell...we'll lay 3-1 he's outta here by the end of the week.

No worries though, Pack fans. Next in the big chair...another ass-kicking coach.

Go Pack!


Fabrication Nation

The surge is working.

The economy is not in a recession.

The Bible is Americans' favorite book.

Freedom of religion.

Freedom of the press.

We're winning the war on terror.

America is the greatest country in the world.

If your head is spinning from all the crap they've been feeding you, you're not alone. Problem is, they'll keep cramming it down your pie-hole as long as you keep gulping it down. The only way to stop it, is to stop it ourselves.