Monday, December 3, 2007

Friend or Foe?

Saudi Arabia...our closest allies in the Middle East.

Cuba…the enemy in our own back yard.

In Cuba…women can become doctors, lawyers and teachers.

In Saudi Arabia…women can’t drive, they’ve gotta be covered from head to toe and can’t get a job without permission from the alpha male of the family.

The Saudis are our BFF in the war against global extremism…and they just let 1,500 of the baddest of the bad guys out of jail if they “promised to behave.”

In Cuba…you can get the finest hand-rolled cigars and some of the best liquor in the world.

In Saudi Arabia…the morality police will hunt you down for smoking or drinking and if you’re a rape victim, you get 200 lashes and six months in jail…IF YOU’RE THE VICTIM!

Does anyone see the hypocrisy in this foreign policy or do Americans just not care? We think the latter.

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Anonymous said...

After 9/11, almost every one in living in this world is trying to collect the bad stuff about Saudi Arabia and then use these information to make it looks evil country. You are right about those things in Saudi Arabia and I can't deny it. But, there are many great things thay you may not find in other part of the world. Saudi Arabia is looking forward to be one of the most civilized country in the world. It might take a little bit longer but we will be there...peace