Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Every year BSC's from all over the world flock to the Black Rock Desert for a little somethin' they call "Burning Man."

And every year, the negative nellies decry the drugs, the debauchery and the dirty dancin' perpetrated by those heathens.

Not any more.

Black Rock Solar…a Burning Man-supported non-profit, has installed a 90-kilowatt array in Gerlach that should provide as much as $20,000 a year in free power to the elementary, junior high and high schools.

How much did Black Rock Solar charge Gerlach? Not. One. Penny. They did the same thing a while back for the hospital in Lovelock. FREE.

Say what you will of the Burning Man crowd…just don’t say they never gave you anything. That is, unless that burning, itching, scabby rash is still infesting your nether-regions. We TOLD you to use protection!


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