Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanks Mom!

In light of Benazir Bhutto getting waxed we here at PTB have a question…who wins? Actually, it’s a rhetorical question ‘cause we already know the answer(s).

The Terrorists…One high-profile offing a year and these BSC freaks make the front page. They’re like the streaker at a football game. Back in the day, networks would show the crazies running on to the field. When copycats sprung up all over the place, networks stopped showing the offenders and the practice all but stopped. The terrorists know that one big bang and they’re front page news again.

Pervez Musharraf…The Perv got a huge break. With no real opposition leader to challenge his hand-picked successor, it’ll be business as usual for the little dictator. Business you say? Since 9/11 Pakistan has received more than FIFTY BILLION dollars from the U.S. to fight terrorists. How are they doing? Well OBL is still on the lamb, bad guys routinely get into Afghanistan through Pakistan’s porous borders and democracy in the country has all but been dismantled. Nice friends huh?

The Republican Party…The party of fear, the party of hate, the party of war. Yup, the right-wing was creamin’ their proverbial jeans when they heard the news. Why? Think about it. Every time something blows up, the ‘publicans hit the panic button. “BOOGIEBOOGIEBOOGIE…The bad guys are coming for us next… BOOGIEBOOGIEBOOGIE!!!” If the American people weren’t such pussies, that crap wouldn’t work. Alas, it works WAY too well.

War Profiteers…Halliburton, KBR and the rest of their ilk didn’t see or hear explosions. They saw dollar signs and heard the Cha-CHING of coinage hitting their collective pockets. You can’t sell the government-cheese hundreds of new Humvees ‘til the old ones get blown up, you can’t push through illegal surveillance systems unless Congress wimps out but you CAN rape and pillage and murder just as long as the crimes are perped on alleged terrorists.

Who Loses?

Freedom-loving Pakistanis and Americans. Remember…the government has to curb your civil-liberties to give the illusion it’s doing something about the problem. In doing so…they just make the problem worse.

The biggest loser by far though, is Bilawal Bhutto, Benazir’s son. He’s been tapped to take his mom’s place leading the Pakistan People’s Party. YIKES! You’d think he’d rather have inherited money or something. "My mother always said democracy is the best revenge," he is quoted as saying. Ummmm...not in your neck of the woods sonny. According to your country’s recent (and not so recent) history…revenge is a four letter word…BOOM!


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