Monday, January 21, 2008

Ron Paul, Ringo & George

Even though he looks like he gets residuals from “Cheers”…we knew “With” Romney would spanka-spanka in the 775’s Republican caucus. Hell, the Silver State is home to more LDS’ers than any other state in the union ‘ceptin’ the Beehive State.

But our hearts warmed when we saw the final tally for Ron Paul. He not only placed second in the 775’s Republican caucus, he got MORE votes than Hil, the Bamer, EasyE and every other candidate from either side of the aisle. Simply. Amazing. You know, our rule is "never trust a man with two first names" but we like Ron Paul. RoPa is so crazy he makes Jack Torrance look like Stephen Hawking. But we like that about him. Anything to scare skidmarks into the pants of the bourgie motherhubbards is just fine by us.

Typical Nevada. We don’t conform. We like it wild. To celebrate…a haiku:

Ron Paul is the man
In the seven-seven-five
Change is a-comin’


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