Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Well folks, its Super Duper Monster Tuesday and you know what that means...thousands upon thousands of clueless sheep trot down to the polls to vote for the candidate that some bobblehead on the tube told them to vote for.

N/p though...nothing matters as long as you vote. If you don't vote...may we suggest you move in with some of our closest allies like Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Kuwait. No one is allowed to vote there. See how you like it then.

A couple of quick Q's:

Will Hillary's voice hurt her like Nixon's 5 O'clock shadow hurt him?

If JMack wins it all...will the vampire that is Ann Coulter really campaign for Hil?

Will the 'Bamer get BobbyK'd tonight in Cali?

Can the Huckster get enough of his God peeps out to vote for him?

Will the mainstream media keep giving Ron Paul the "Rudy in the Booty", even if he continues to pull voters?

Lastly...here's a fun drinking game for all y'all civics geeks out there. You know you're one of us if your Super Tuesday party tonight is bigger than the one you had on Super Sunday. ANYWAY...whip out your 'shine and pour a shot. Every time you hear one of the following words or phrases you gotta take a shot:

Change, Super Delegates, Bill Clinton, Christian Conservatives, The Surge Is Working, Iraq, Recession, Economy, Too Close To Call, Voter Turnout Was Light, Voter Turnout Was Heavy...

It's a partial list so feel free to add your own.

Last one standing wins. Tomorrow...back to the problems at hand.


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