Monday, February 25, 2008

Boom, Boom...Out Go the Lights

Here at PTB we say it all the time…we love the PoPo. Something’s quite sexy about a uniform, badge and a gun…don’t you think?

The problem we have is when cops go BSC. Example: NYC. Three policemen are in court today, accused of shooting an unarmed man 50 times. You read right…FIFTY TIMES! The cops, according to the story, were trying to “shut down a "gritty, raunchy strip joint in a working-class community." Quick thought…emptyin’ fifty rounds into one person seems a little excessive but that’s a post for another day.

The crux of today’s biscuit is simple…we’ve got one man dead and three cops in court ‘cause someone thinks strip clubs are “raunchy.” SHEESH…no tellin’ WHAT they’d do if they ever headed out to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch!!!

As long as we have puritanical lunatics in power tryin’ to keep our eyes and ears (and hands) away from boobies…bad stuff is gonna keep happenin’. Thank your euphemism that we live in the 775 where boobies aren’t considered “raunchy.”


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