Thursday, February 7, 2008

Speak Up!

Here at PTB y’all know where we stand on the subject of freedom of speech. Absolute. C’mon, this is America…right? TJ and BFrank and all those other crazy sexy-dressin' old crackers put speech right up there at number one for a reason…they knew that sticks and stones were the preferred weapon of an enemy because words were not very hurtful.

But nowadays…there is no such thing as FOS in America -- it's all selective at best.

You can go on television and say that “the tornado was caused by the wrath of God” but you can’t go on television and drop an accidental “F” bomb (or booby).

You (allegedly) can’t yell fire in a crowded theater but you can yell theater in a crowded fire house.

You can’t even utter words like bomb, explosion, terrorist, hijacking, crash or F#@K George Bush in an airport unless you want the Feds perp walking you to Gitmo. Is that free speech? No.

Ever blogged about your boss looking at you like you were a sexual toy or how your company rapes the environment or how your biggest client uses undocumented child slave-labor? Nice post. But if you speeched it, you know you don’t have THAT job anymore. Free huh?

Here's the crux of our biscuit: We have no problem with the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at funerals. It is a free country…right? The problem we have, is that the same people condemning the WBC for their “hurtful, hateful banners” didn’t say one word about the counter-protesters. Check out FX’s pic on Tuesday’s 5E. CP dude is sporting a Waffen Schutzstaffel insignia on his hat. That’s right…BSC’s Nazi SS. And he's supposed to be the GOOD guy?

If you're allowed to sport Nazi bling at an event, then “God Hates Fags” should be protected too. Free speech isn’t free speech unless everybody has it.


All the time.

Don't worry won't hurt.



Outcast 12_2 said...

You can just call me Outcast. I agree about some of your views on our Govn't. The hostility and judgement in your quotes about the bible? I am a FOC myself and I don't think "God pours wrath on his people anymore... nor judgement" You are part of his people. Anyone who says with any natural disaster "is a wrath from God" is wrong. People pour wrath on people. You are no different calling out people about their issues than a person misguiding people about the bible and God.

pj said...

Yo Outcast...
First of all, thanks for the comment. It doesn't matter what you say as long as you say it. The Lord and I have an agreement...I get to point out the lies and the hypocricy and the death and destruction put upon this earth by His minions and he won't send me to hell just yet. As for natural disasters being God's wrath...I didn't say it...Pat Robertson said it. Check the link. Thanks again for posting!