Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Going Green

It looks like Mary Ann is quite fond of Mary Jane. Yup. Dawn Wells, one of the favorite daughters of the 775 got popped by the PoPo for havin’ a hold of the ganja.

What makes things worse is that she got busted in Idaho (State Motto: “We’re Even Whiter Than Utah!”). She’s lucky though, she got bailed before they could administer a “Rudy in the Booty.”

We always fantasized about bangin’ the femmes on G.I. but naive Mary Ann wasn’t our first choice. Neither was smokin’ hot Ginger. No, we always wanted to horizontal bop with the older, wiser Mrs. Howell. They didn’t call her “Lovie” for nothin’! YIKES!

But the problem we have with this whole thing is the illegality of marijuana. Think about it. Tobacco kills around 300,000 people a year. Alcohol is responsible for 20,000 a year. They’re both legal and easy to buy. As of today not one death has EVER been attributed to the green bud. Not. One. And if you get busted with it, you’ll spend time in the Gray Bar Motel. You wonder why we’ve got more people in the big house than the friggin’ Chinese? This is reason one.

What we can’t figure out is that if the USofA is a Christian nation…why hasn’t anyone brought up Genesis 2:16. C’mon God peeps…read your friggin’ bibles. You’d be surprised what’s in there.

As for you you Mary Ann…come on home and we’ll light up a spliff together. Maybe you can teach us some of the things you learned from Thurston’s wife.


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