Friday, March 14, 2008

On The Rocks

There are a couple of similarities between the problems Eliot Spitzer and Jim Gibbons are going through.

Both of them are Governors. Both of them are having troubles with the Mrs. and neither of them is Chinese. But the sameness pretty much ends there.

Governor Gibbons ran on a promise of no new taxes. So far, he’s kept his word. Governor Spitzer ran on the promise of law and order. So far…OOPS!

No matter what your take on Gibbons is…whatever happens in his personal life should stay personal. Why? The fact that his marriage is a bit shaky isn’t news…it’s gossip. He didn’t run on a “Save Marriage” platform. He didn’t run a “No Ho’s” campaign so whatever he does with the women in his life is his own business.

But when Client #9 got popped hookin’ up with high-priced ho’s…now THAT’S news. Why? Because Spitzer was hell bent on cleanin’ up the bad guys. He made it his personal mission to rid the world of criminals and it turns out he’s a big fat criminal himself! Hypocrite.

Yo, Governor Spit-Shine…why don’t you roll on over here to the 775. The L’sotE are much better lookin’ and they don’t cost nearly as much. She love you long time!

Governor Gibbons…Keep yer chin up and tell the media to keep their noses out of your bedroom.

To Silda and Dawn: Ladies, you know where I am. Gimme a call or drop me a line. We’ll hook up and I’ll show you what it’s like to be with a REAL man!

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