Friday, March 7, 2008

Sunshine on My Shoulder

We know that here in the 775 two-thirds of all jobs are rollin’ between 2pm and 8am. That’s what you get livin’ and workin’ in a 24/7 economy. But for the lucky few who do the 9-5, it's the weekend you’ve been waiting for...turn back the hands of time!

We give Chimp-Dick lots of well-deserved crap but on this one he hit it right on the button. Daylight Savings Time ROCKS!!! Thank you PGB!

Yeah, we hear complaints from the blue hairs with their blue plates about the blinking clock on their microwave, losing a whole hour of sleep and having to reset the clock on their VCR's but it’s a small price to pay for extra daylight.

With that in mind...a haiku:

Daylight Savings Time

Get off work with time to play.

The sun is shining.


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