Friday, April 4, 2008

Minute Rise

There are myriad ways men-folks try to prolong the act of doin’ the nasty.

Foreplay that lasts so long it’s called sevenplay.

We hold our breath…we think about dead puppies…and the ever-popular Babe Ruth statistical rundown.

Now we find out it was all for naught. Three minutes is enough time for sex? SHEESH! We were good lovers all that time…we just didn’t know it.

Now that we DO know, we’re gonna have a bit of a swagger next time in the bedroom (or the kitchen or the bathroom or wherever).

No more man-Kegels, no more Super Bowl matchup stats and no more Tequila shooters. No, if the MD’s say three minutes is enough…three minutes it is. Any longer and it’s back to Brady Bunch episode rundown.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, the whole time the men were thinking of dead puppies and baseball stats, the women were counting ceiling tiles, going "is this mf-er ever gonna be done? Is he drilling for oil or something? Maybe if I throw in a "do it to me you hot, sexy beast!" he'll finally lose it.