Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Acts of Mindless

There’s so much goin’ on ‘round the place we wanted to talk about as many of ‘em as time would allow. So today, we’re all over. Think of it as “drive-by posting.”

There was so much security around the Olympic torch yesterday, it looked like John McCain visiting a Baghdad market.

The city of Reno has to pay $100,000 to a couple of dancers and their boss ‘cause they got roughed up by the RePoPo. Their crime? Stripping without a license. SHEESH! Yo Reno-911…go find Brianna’s killer and leave the strippers alone.

You can’t go on strike and picket your work unless you give ‘em an exact time? That’s one of the stupidest friggin’ rules on the book.

A couple of cops in the NYC get busted for buying illegal steroids from the bad guys. Now NYPD Blue is gonna randomly test all 36,000 officers. Another example of why “Rudy in the Booty” are BSC!

No one wanted the biomass plant down in the Capital ‘ceptin’ the government-cheese. Turns out the people were right. The bugger’s gonna cost us more than it earns for the next 17 years. And now, we’re spendin’ more than a half a million dollars to hire peeps to work the thing ‘cause the state doesn’t have anyone qualified to run it. Who was gonna run it originally? Inmates. Wonder why we hate politicians?

Finally, Sgt. Timothy Smith. Another life wasted on the lies of pResident GWB. This fuckin’ war is NEVER gonna end. Saddest part is that most of the 775 voted for chimp-dick. TWICE! They tell you they support our troops and you believe ‘em. Then the troops get tagged and bagged and you STILL believe ‘em. Must be easy bein’ a sheep.


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