Monday, May 12, 2008

Fill 'Er Up

Tomorrow the RGJ is running a story on the Bevinco spirits auditing system. It’s an invention that allegedly, “saves bar owners a large amount of money by cutting down on bartender overpouring.”

We’ve been in more bars than most. Heck-fire…quite a few of us here at PTB have actually been bartenders at one time or another. Here’s the crux of our biscuit…

If you own a bar and are so hard up for money that you think you need to monitor how much your bartenders overpour…you need to find a new business. Bartenders have enough hassles in their work lives to have to worry what the Pour-O-Meter says every time you serve a shot & a beer. We’ve got a better idea for you…hire professional, ethical, experienced bartenders and you won’t even need a Sauce Gauge. They might not hit it right on target every time but a good bartender will keep customers coming back. Boozemographs might save you a few drops but that’s it.

Besides...there's already a tool being used to tell whether or not a bartender is overpouring drinks...its called a BREATHALYZER!


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