Monday, May 5, 2008

Smokin' Aces

Funny, we thought it was ILLEGAL to smoke marijuana in the 775. If you hadn’t noticed, we rolled over to the Rush concert in downtown Reno Saturday night. Longtime readers know that we think Rush is the best thing to come out of the Great White North since Dudley-Do-Right’s woman. ANYWAY…

When the lights dimmed and the show started, a plume of smoke started risin’ above the crowd. It looked like someone dropped a nuke. WHOOSH! There was so much smoke between the stage and our seats it actually distorted the light coming from the strobe lights…or maybe that was a secondhand buzz? Hell, it looked like the fog rollin’ in off the SFBay. But here’s the crux of our biscuit…

Why were the cops not bustin’ those hemp-lovin’, tie-died, hippy freaks? Were they givin’ the pot-heads their tacit approval? Was Reno-911 waiting for ‘em to get out on the streets and pop a cap in someone? Kill a cop? Or just go generally BSC like EVERYONE does when exposed to the killer evil weed?

Look folks…this “wink, wink, nod, nod” shit needs to stop. There are thousands of people incarcerated here in the 775 for possession of the ganja. There are so many tokers in the hoosegow that the prison system is at the breaking point. So, are y’all gonna stay rutted in your hypocritical ways and selectively imprison stoners? Or are you gonna wake up and realize that marijuana is no more dangerous than aspirin and a LOT less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco?

We figure that if all those people were smokin’ blunts and there weren’t any big problems…what’s the big problem? On the other hand, if the schnizzle is should be illegal everywhere. It would have made for a lonely concert…but at least, we could have seen the stage.

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