Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not Your Brother's Keeper

There are few places in the 775 more beautiful than Elko County. That place is so sweet it’s almost enough to make you believe in a God…almost. Yeah, here at PTB we love us some Elko. But in a recent RGJ article, it looks like the peeps of the “Big Easy” are losing their way.

Elko is described as being a conservative place – republicans in the county outnumber democrats 2-1. We never did get that. Ya se, Elko is home to enough brothels, casinos and watering holes to make Beelzebub blush. Nothin’ conservative ‘bout that. It’s what we here in the big city call the “real Nevada.” Live hard, love hard, drink hard, party hard die hard. That’s the way it should be.

But what, you might ask, is getting Elko’s collective Underoos in a twist? Governor Jim Gibbons’ divorce, that’s what. According to the RGJ, “Gibbons Country” is ready to throw the Gov. under the bus. They feel this divorce thing is getting quite messy and they’re not happy with their favorite son.

Here’s the crux of our biscuit:

If you support GJG’s position on the Iraq war…if you understand the man-crush he has for Chimp-Dick and Dr. Evil…if you agreed when he called anti-war activists “tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, hippie, tie-dyed liberals” then WTF is the problem? C’mon Elko…have none of y’all ever canoodled with someone other than your spouse? Yes. Has anyone in the "Big Easy" ever gotten a divorce? Sure. Look Elko…if you’re as conservative as you say you are…remember your God’s book:

Let he without sin cast the first stone.” And if getting a divorce is enough to make y’all drop trow and run for the hills, consider yourself lucky…our Governor could be the one with the “wide stance.”

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