Friday, June 27, 2008


Dan Wetzel, writing for Yahoo Sports had this to say about the Wiz drafting former Wolf Pack hoopster JVMcG:


The Wizards can’t get out of the first round of the playoffs and it’s not easy to see how this draft changes that trend. They took JaVale McGee out of Nevada to help inside, but he looks like one of those classic draft mistakes.
McGee is 7-feet tall with a 7-foot-6 wingspan. Against moderate competition in the Western Athletic Conference, he averaged just 7.8 rebounds a game. It’s counterintuitive to think a big man who can’t rebound against smaller opponents in college will start doing it against bigger players in the NBA. This rarely works.

YIKES! We said when he left school it was gonna be a mistake. No one listened. If you can't lead your team to a championship in the sorry-assed WAC Conference, you'll never do it in the big show. Now JVMcG is getting hammered in the national press. He’s gonna spend the next two years picking splinters out of his pooter rather than learning how to play the game under coach Mark Fox. Yo JVMcG…Good luck and be careful in the Cap. Remember how the team used to be called the Bullets? Well, the fans are all packin’ heat now!


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mason9466 said...

Don't write off Javale just yet. Yes, he played against mediocre competition. Yes, he came out too early. But the dude has the physical traits (except bulk) that you need to be a shot-blocking force in the NBA. We won't be able to judge Javale's decision for a few years.