Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Band Aid

Say it ain't so uncle Miltie! Turns out that the cuts made by THE University of Nevada include the Pride of the Sierra. Can you imagine a college football game without a marching band? We can't. Suggestions for halftime entertainment range from recorded music to bringing in high school bands. Is there one iota of gray matter up there at UNR? If so, we'd like someone to point it out 'cause it sure isn't visible from here.
Look, we've heard the recorded music y'all play at Mackay Stadium. Yo...the '80's are OVER! Welcome to the Jungle? C'mon...the selection of recorded music at Mackay Stadium sounds like a decades-old teen movie soundtrack. Can you say hair bands? UGH! We've heard better tunes from Mom & Dad's Lawrence Welk record collection!
As far as high school bands are concerned...WTF are you thinking! There's a reason those kids play in a high school band...'cause they're in HIGH SCHOOL!!! You wouldn't dare start a 16-year-old at quarterback. He'd get killed! What makes you think a band full of 16-year-olds wouldn't get the same treatment?
The sad part is, the band gets cut and football goes on. But when school is over, the jock-straps head out into the real world poorly prepared for what lies ahead. Why? 'Cause it ain't football. On the other hand...band members are musicians for life. They have a gift, a talent, for making sweet sounds. They'll take that talent wherever they go. Alas...wherever they DO go...it won't be to the University of Nevada.
When Grambling State University and their Tiger Marching Band come up to the 775 next year, you'll see....halftime IS game time. Personally, we'd rather have seen the band than the football team...at least the band didn't suck.

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mason9466 said...

Great post. I agree about the music selection. When we went to the soccer games like 3 years ago they were still playing the same tired bullshit...like the same 5 songs over and over and over. It's like classic rock radio...the same songs in rotation. I just think that college football and bands go together, like baseball, apple pie, whatever that saying is. I mean, visualize walking into Mackey for a game, the 1st thing you'd expect to hear is the band playing, getting the fans warmed up. Like you said, our football program sucks and is getting worse. I think it's going to affect their attendance, especially with students, who are usually the most boisterous.