Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends With Benefits

Looks like Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons isn't even gonna let the ink dry on his divorce before he hits the town with another piece of eye candy. Hey, we don't blame him. After all, he is quite the looker and no governor should ever have to go to bed or to dinner or to a movie all by his lonesome. With that said, we've come up with three women who would be a good match for GJG:
1. Princess Beatrice: She's a bit googly-eyed, she's not blonde and she might be a bit young for the Gov, but she has friends and family in high places. Good to have on your side while your career is sinking like the anchor of the Titanic.
2. Ivanka Trump: She has the money and the pedigree to become a major player in the Republican party. Problem is, her dad thinks Nevada IS a wasteland. Could be a conflict of interest with all of his holdings on the east coast. Thanks for the help Donny!
3. Christie Brinkley. Recently divorced so she can be had on the rebound. Has her own money. Blonde. The one problem we might have with this one is that ChristieB is not only smokin' hot, she's smart too. If she opens her mouth, we might find out how smart Governor Jim is...and that wouldn't be good for anyone.

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